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Imagineer Harriet Blog

Harriet's School Sketchbook

by Imagineer Harriet on 06/02/11

We recently discovered Harriet's school sketchbook. There is no date in the book, so we can only guess that it was likely from high school. We wanted to share a few pages with you.  Enjoy this "time-capsule" from Harriet's pre-Disney days (probably sometime in the mid 1940s). We'll share more soon!


Pam Burns-Clair

Imagineer Harriet Mother's Day

by Imagineer Harriet on 05/09/11

In celebration of the Mother's Day holiday, we wanted to share some Mother's Day fun with you! A few weeks ago, Pam was excited to be asked to write a Mother's Day blog for the Walt  Disney Family Museum in San Francisco. They posted her blog, entitled "Raised by the 'Tiki-Tiki-Tiki-Tiki-Tiki' Mom," yesterday. Click Here to read.

We also wanted to share some family memories. Here is a photo of Harriet with her mother, Ivy B. Tapp (and her brother, Dale), sometime around 1930 or 1931.
Ivy B. with Harriet and Dale

Here are a few photos from our last Mother's Day with Harriet in 2008:
Chelsea, Harriet and Pam, 2008
Chelsea, Harriet and Pam at Harriet's apartment before Mother's Day brunch.

Pam and Harriet, 2008
Harriet opening Mother's Day gifts--of course there was a Mickey card!

We hope you had a lovely Mother's Day weekend. We continue to celebrate Harriet every year as a wonderful mother and grandmother.

Cheers, Pam Burns-Clair (along with Chelsea & Haley Clair--Harriet's granddaughters)

Haunted Mansion: Madame Harriet?

by Imagineer Harriet on 04/17/11

In the spirit of the new Haunted Mansion Queue that opened in Magic Kingdom this month, we thought it would be fun to continue the Haunted Mansion theme! Did you know that Harriet was originally going to be the model for Madame Leota? Amongst her things we found the slides from her photo shoot. Ultimately they chose Leota Toombs, who we think was a great choice, but it's fun to imagine what "Madame Harriet" might have been like. Enjoy some of the photos from Harriet's haunted photo shoot!

Stay tuned for a video that includes Scott Wolf's interview with Harriet discussing this photo shoot. We'll be sharing it soon!


Pam Burns-Clair and Team

Harriet in New Haunted Mansion Queue!

by Imagineer Harriet on 03/23/11

We have just been alerted that Harriet's Haunted Mansion tomb stone has been installed in their new interactive queue at Magic Kingdom! We were so excited to learn that they would be paying tribute to many of the Imagineers who worked on the ride in this new and entertaining addition. has a photo tour and preview videos so you can experience the new queue prior to the official opening in April.  Here is the caption from Harriet's tomb stone:


Here is a link to the Official Disney Sneak Peek Video on You Tube.

Cheers, Pam Burns-Clair

Blast from the Past: 1950s Seguin Newspaper Article

by Imagineer Harriet on 03/16/11

Here is a little glimpse into Harriet's pre-Disney life in an article from the Seguin, TX newspaper, "Seguin Girl In Hollywood". In this early 1950s article Harriet was already making her hometown proud with her work in props, modeling and a potential Hollywood career. Of course it didn't work out exactly, but we're so glad she didn't become an actress and instead went on to be the first female Imagineer for Disney! Enjoy this fun blast from the past!


Pam Burns-Clair and team

"Seguin Girl in Hollywood" Article

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