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Imagineer Harriet Mother's Day

by Imagineer Harriet on 05/09/11

In celebration of the Mother's Day holiday, we wanted to share some Mother's Day fun with you! A few weeks ago, Pam was excited to be asked to write a Mother's Day blog for the Walt  Disney Family Museum in San Francisco. They posted her blog, entitled "Raised by the 'Tiki-Tiki-Tiki-Tiki-Tiki' Mom," yesterday. Click Here to read.

We also wanted to share some family memories. Here is a photo of Harriet with her mother, Ivy B. Tapp (and her brother, Dale), sometime around 1930 or 1931.
Ivy B. with Harriet and Dale

Here are a few photos from our last Mother's Day with Harriet in 2008:
Chelsea, Harriet and Pam, 2008
Chelsea, Harriet and Pam at Harriet's apartment before Mother's Day brunch.

Pam and Harriet, 2008
Harriet opening Mother's Day gifts--of course there was a Mickey card!

We hope you had a lovely Mother's Day weekend. We continue to celebrate Harriet every year as a wonderful mother and grandmother.

Cheers, Pam Burns-Clair (along with Chelsea & Haley Clair--Harriet's granddaughters)

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